The new CHUM Chart Book by Ron Hall
50th Anniversary Edition

Our 11,000 Record 45 RPM Catalog

Now sold out and out of print. We will not be printing any more 45 RPM catalogs in the future. To obtain a free catalog of the 15,000 different 45 RPM RPM records we currently sell download a copy of the file and print it on your computer printer. 

Top 200 Hits Booklet

The Top 200 hits is a simple listing of the 200 most favourite single records purchased in the USA each year from 1956 through 1986. 

Uniquely researched, each year is printed on a single page and provides a listing of the number 1 best selling record of the year through the number 200 of the year. More than 2000 copies of this booklet have been sold since it’s first issue in 1973. If you collect or play hit records these charts will provide immediate reference to the most popular records of all time - at a bargain price. 

Top 200 Hits 1956-1986 / 32 Printed Pages / 210 g / CDN$15.00 & GST postpaid to Canada / US$15.00 postpaid to USA / Overseas CDN$24.95 for air mail delivery.  (Ordering information)

Record & CD Collectors Directory

Are you looking for certain items for your record or CD collection? Or, do you have certain record collectibles to sell? Whether you look locally or on the net its a wasteland out there. Thousands of dealers vie for your attention. And, on the net many "dealers" offer used junk for sale at exorbitantly high prices - often at two, three or ten times the true value of the record collectable. 

If you're looking to buy or sell, there is a better way. Over the past ten, twenty or thirty years more than 500 mail order specialists and collector's stores have established themselves as leaders in the record collectables marketplace in North America. If you're looking to buy, you can depend upon these dealers for absolutely fantastic quality products - most offer brand-new collectables at lower prices than the used junk sold by pseudo dealers on the net. And if you have quality products - or a complete record collection to sell, these dealers often have the customers waiting to buy your merchandise - so you can depend on them to offer you the best price. 

The secret to buying or selling is to contact the dealers that specialize in your favourite recorded product. The Record and CD Collector's Directory provides full details on every major American and Canadian dealer of quality merchandise. 

The directory features two completely separate indexes. One index is by recorded format. The other index is by musical (or other) category. Using one index or both the reader can quickly find all the dealers that specialize in the product you want to buy (or sell). 

It lists all types of music in every format, all types of music collectibles and provides you with all best contacts you need including many who rarely advertise and some who never advertise. It is the only book of its type anywhere. (Published in 1995)

This publication has been discontinued and is no longer available.

The CHUM Story by Allen Farrell

From its precarious beginnings in 1945 as a tiny Toronto "dawn to dusker" peddling patent medicine, CHUM-1050 grew into the country's most seminal and celebrated radio station. 

In this rollicking reminiscence of the good old days, CHUM alumnus Allen Farrell reveals how a band of brazen broadcasters took the rock 'n roll "fad" and ran with it  to become the grand arbiter of all that was hip. You'll meet CHUM's ever-changing cast of stars - the eccentric on-air personalities, the juggernaut salespeople, the outrageous promotions people - and its bit players, including peeing spider monkeys, guitar playing chimps, and, a trio of hex-casting witches who won the Maple Leafs the Stanley Cup in 1964. You'll get the inside scoop on and lavish photos of the stars of the day: Elvis, the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Frankie Valli, Harry Belafonte, Jerry Lewis, Chubby Checker, Dick Clark, Connie Francis and countless others. 

Rock 'n' roll rebels. Top 40 pioneers. Progressive rock visionaries. CHUM defined each generation by the tunes they listened to. Anyone who reached for the dial in the '50s or '60s and turned to CHUM for laughs or social connection should reach now for The CHUM Story

Allen Farrell is a former promotional director of 1050-CHUM and a pioneer in the Canadian multimedia industry. A professional speaker and performer, he also writes for the business media. Allen lives in Toronto.

ISBN 0-7737-6263-9  260 PP - 600g CDN$35.95 & GST postpaid to Canada / US$37.95 postpaid to USA / Overseas CDN$68.90 for air mail delivery. (Ordering information)

CHUM Chart Book

The CHUM Chart Book by Ron Hall
50th Anniversary Edition

This book is now sold out - April 30 2009 - please do not order

CDN$00.00 + GST postpaid to Canada
USA$00.00 postpaid to USA
CDN$00.00 postpaid to overseas (Not Canada or USA)

1050 CHUM Oldies Links
(Not on our Site) 

1050 CHUM Radio Official site (This site has now been closed)

1Club.FM Malt Shop Radio

Fed up with the same "tired" oldies played over and over by your local radio station?

Check out our current favourite - 1Club.FM's Malt Shop Channel for broadcasts of the best oldies you will ever remember from the 1950s & 1960s - including lots of doo-wop and rockabilly tunes!

Free "Oldies" E-Magazine

Content of the Oldies Newsletter/Magazine includes: 

Letters To The Editor, Records Or Things For Sale, Topic Of the Week, Tidbits (day by day music events), Music Survey (from 50's & 60's this date in time), Trivia Contest, Passing Legends, Fan Clubs & Sites of Interest, Discography (or Submitted Story/Article), Doo Wop Spotlight (or Submitted Story/Article), Classified Ads, Want Lists, Up Coming Concerts, CD, Cassette, Record, Book or Other Items For review. Published twice monthly by Nostalgia Records.

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Nostalgia Records Oldies E-Magazine

Top 40 Hits

Make your record collection complete by getting this exciting new book by Canadian chart guru Nanda Lwin. From disco to hip-hop, from country to alternative, from 45's to CD singles, from Glen Campbell to Coolio, this book offers the most comprehensive guide to the biggest trends in the Canadian music scene. It features: 

An alphabetical list, by artist, of every single that made the charts over the past 21 years according to the nation's most respected chart sources: the Steede Report (1975-1977), the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) (1977 - 1980), the CBC (1980-1983) The Record (1983-Present) & SoundScan (1996-Present) 

An alphabetical index, by song title, of every record that made the charts. 

Chart performance data and statistics on every record: peak date, peak position, weeks on the chart, label, Canadian Content, and CRIA gold/platinum certification 

Also included: the top 100 recording artists, the top 100 singles, a listing of records (singles) with the most weeks on the charts, the top singles of the 1970s, 1980s,and 1990s, a chronological listing of every record that hit number one on the singles chart, artist biographies of almost every artist to hit the singles charts including hard-to-find information about Canadian artists and other facts and figures.

ISBN 1-896594-13-1  700 PP - 700g CDN$35.95 & GST postpaid to Canada / US$37.95 postpaid to USA / Overseas CDN$69.90 for air mail delivery. (Ordering information)

Top Albums - The Essential Chart Guide

Which album chartest the longest? Which stayed in the Number 1 position longer?

These questions and more are answered in Top Albums: The Essential Chart Guide - the first reference book ever published about Canadian album charts. Included in this book: 

Complete chart and record data on every charted album from 1977 through 2002 incliding chart position, weeks on chart and label. 

Mini biographies, featuring fascinating facts and trivia about each artist 

A special section of chart achievements and facts, including a chronological listing of No. 1 albums.

No matter what the genre is - rock, hip-hop, reggae, country, classical or jazz - this book by Nanda Lwin lists each and every one of the 6800 albums and 1800 artists to achieve pop supremacy. Whether you have a personal or professional interest in music, Top Albums is the definitive reference guide to the charts.

ISBN 1-896594-14-X  358 PP - 520g CDN$35.95 & GST postpaid to Canada / US$37.95 postpaid to USA / Overseas CDN$69.90 for air mail delivery. (Ordering information)

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