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Recruiting Firm Directories

Continental Records Company Ltd publishes two editions of the Directory of Canadian Recruiters. Use the table below to select the edition that is just right for you.
2011-12 National
Book Edition
2011-12 Professional 
CD Edition
In stock In stock
Total Recruiting Firms 2655 3730
Recruiter web sites
2350 3406
Recruiter E-Mail Addresses 2315 3304
Government funded help/resource centres None 954
Total company & organizarion listings 2655 4684
Includes CD Yes It is a CD !
Databases included 0 6
Note Details most major Canadian firms / locations Details most major & minor Canadian firms / locations
Pricing CDN$79.95 CDN$79.95

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Other Products & Services

Canadian Employment Firms & Organizations Research Database

We've been keeping complete details on all Canadian recruiting firms in our internal database for more than 17 years. Our database now exceeds more than 16,000 Canadian recruiting firms, employment related firms, organizations and locations! This informative database includes all the firms & details in our current directories, what companies we don't publish - and why, details on what firms will be added in the next / future directories, what firms / locations have closed over the years, alternate names for listed recruiting firms, names and details of "holding" companies, recruiting "consultants" etc. 

  • Database details 16,100+ Canadian listings, 
  • Contact people at more than 12,500 listings, 
  • More than 7800 E-Mail addresses,
  • More than 8900 web site addresses, and
  • "Alternate" company names for more than 8000 firms !
This is the only database of it's type in Canada and it can be used as a research tool for a variety of projects. For instance it can save virtually 100's of hours of time and thousands of dollars if you are planning to set up a recruiting company, and/or expand a recruiting firm to new locations. 
  • What cities are the best for setting up recruiting firms? 
  • Which are the worst (the highest city failure rates)?
  • What types of firms are the most successful? The least successful?
  • Who is associated with successful firms. Unsuccessful?
  • Which existing chains are expanding the fastest?
  • What companies listed as recruiters in other publications and web sites are actually government funded help centres, accounting firms, recruiting holding companies, management consulting companies, IT consultants, outplacement or career counselling firms etc., that rarely or never fill jobs for clients
  • We've placed a listing of all the firms in our database on our web site.
Please contact us by telephone for more details.

Note: Our research database is meant for research purposes only and it will not help candidates (looking for for work) or clients (looking to hire a recruiting firm) any more than our Canadian Directory of Recruiters book or Professional CD. .................................................................................................
Recruiting Firm Marketing / Consulting

Over the past ten years we've worked with many of Canada's most well known firms helping them expand, consolidate, form partnerships and revenue sharing agreements. If you or your recruiting firm has a need we probably can help you. Please contact us for more details.

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